Background Sets

I have recently started designing background sets. There aren't too many so far, but do keep checking back as I will always be adding to the collection. As with all graphics on my site, they are for personal use only on non-commercial sites. If you use any of my graphics, please e-mail me to let me know so I can see how you are using them. Also, please put a link to my home page on your site. There is a button included in each set for you to use for that purpose. The HTML code is on the page for you to copy and paste into your HTML editor. There is a blank button included with each set in case you want to add additional buttons. I try to also list the font style and color. To view the sets, click on View. To save the sets, right-click on each graphic and save it on your hard drive. Do not under any circumstances link directly to my site. You may download a zip file of all the graphics by clicking on Zip.

View Amethyst Set Zip
View Aqua Set Zip
View Dusty Rose Set  New Zip
View Gingham Set  New Zip
View Irish Set Zip
View Mint Set Zip
View Peach Rose Set  New Zip
View Rose Set Zip
View Stained Glass Set Zip
View Tapestry Set  New Zip
View Valentine Set Zip





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